Gender Curricula for Bachelor and Master

Proposals of integrating the contents of (subject-specific) women's and gender studies into degree courses

In the context of the research project "Gender in bachelor and master courses - integrate women's and gender studies into the curriculum" the Women's and Gender Research Network NRW developed a model database including 55 subjects and each gender curricula. The contents are updated regularly. Further recommendations for improvement concerning gender-equitable curricula in your discipline are welcome.

Overview of the gender curricula

Gender Experts for Bachelor and Master Courses

Gender-sensitive evaluation of study programmes

Various gender experts helped to create the gender curricula section. There, study programmes are evaluated under a gender perspective and assessed with regard to gender specific contents of gender studies in its curricula.

Contact experts of your discipline - Networking and exchange is desired!

Berlin Communiqué (2003)

"The need to increase competitiveness must be balanced with the objective of improving the social characteristics of the European Higher Education Area, aiming at strengthening social cohesion and reducing social and gender inequalities both at national and at European level."

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