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Literature Horticulture

Course: Horticulture
Group of courses: Agricultural, Forestry and Nutritional Studies

Basic Literature/Recommended Reading:

There is no basic literature, specific for horticulture. The following list contains book-chapters and articles, covering gender issues in relation to horticulture.

  • Staritz, Cornelia; Reis, José Guilherme (Ed.) 2013: Global Value Chains, Economic Upgrading, and Gender; Case Studies of the Horticulture, Tourism and Call Center Industries, World Bank, Int Trade Department, Gender Development Unit.
  • Orsini, Francesco et al. 2013: Urban Agriculture in the Developing World: a Review, In Agronomy for Sustainable Development; 695-720; Springer Paris.
  • Little, Jo 2015: The Development of Feminist Perspectives in Rural Gender Studies, In Pini, Barbara; Brandth, Berit; Little, Jo  (Ed.) Feminisms and Ruralities,107-118, Lanham, Lexington Books.
  • Teherani-Krönner, Parto 2013: Gender und Globalisierung im ländlichen Raum, Centaurus Verlag & Media.
  • Krumbiegel, Katharina; Maertens, Miet; Wollni, Meike 2017: Modern agri-food systems, horticultural employment and women's empowerment, Universität Göttingen, GlobalFood Discussion Paper Series.
  • Quisumbing, Agnes R. et al. 2015: Gender, assets, and market-oriented agriculture: learning from high-value crop and livestock projects in Africa and Asia, in Agriculture and Human Values, 705-725, Agriculture and Human Values, Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht.
  • Manda, Damiano K.; Mwakubo, Samuel 2014: Gender and Economic Development in Africa: An Overview; In: Journal of African Economies; 23, Oxford University Press.
  • Maria; Dannenberg, Peter 2014: Export Horticulture – Empowering Female small-scale Farmers in Kenya? DIE ERDE: Journal of the Geographical Society of Berlin, 135-141; Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin.
  • Selwyn, Ben, 2014: Capital–Labour and State Dynamics in Export Horticulture in North‐east Brazil (English) in Development and Change; 1019-1036; Development and Change.
  • Faße, Anja; Winter, Etti 2015: Food grows on Women’s Trees. In FAO: Enhancing Gender Equality in the Management of Africa’s Natural Resources, 54-59.
  • Kariuki, Juliet; Birner, Regina 2016: Are Market-Based Conservation Schemes Gender-Blind? A Qualitative Study of Three Cases From Kenya; Taylor & Francis.